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Stephanie reads her original poem

"Baby's First Saguaro"

Stephanie currently leads a weekly poetry writing group with 7+ other Chicago-based poets. 

Stephanie writes about love, God, loneliness, and the female body. Her work has been described as "fearless," "powerful," and "Kevin Costner-centric." Her friends affectionately refer to her as Montana's Cowboy Poet Laureate.


reading at Discount Party @ Whim - July 14 2023, 10pm

featured reader at Uptown Poetry Slam @ Green Mill Cocktail Lounge - July 16 2023, 3pm (w/open mic)



click here to read

Stephanie's poem

"meditations on a night swim"

published by Okay Donkey

click here to read

Stephanie's poem "4.18.20"

published by Dirt Children


click here to read

Stephanie's poem

"engagement party"

published by Lazy Women

click here to read two

of Stephanie's poems

on Lucy Writer's Platform

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